For many years I have been visiting aquarium associations, specialist shops and trade fairs and give lectures at their events.

On this website I would now like to offer an overview of my lectures.
Here you will find lectures from a length of about 15 minutes up to two hours, just as it fits into your schedule. You are also welcome to combine several shorter ones to a larger presentation.


With the first offspring of Panaqolus tankei (L 398) began my activity as a specialist author in various aquaristic magazines. The first book projects have also been realized and many more will follow.

about me

For more than 15 years I have been studiing the aqua-fauna of South America, mostly with the fish of the Orinoco and especially of the Amazon and its tributaries. In recent years I have been able to keep and breed numerous dwarf cichlids of the genus Apistogramma and Harnischwelse especially from the genera Panaqolus and Hypancistrus.
I was also able to discover these animals several times in their home biotopes and report about them in my lectures and other publications such as articles in journals and books.
Here you will learn more about my aquarium career.


After traveling to South America for the first time in 2008, where I was also able to visit my favorite country of Brazil for the first time from Suriname, the wanderlust never lets go. Since then I took every opportunity to travel to South America. In this section I will report about my travels.

Online Shops

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ATS Aquashop

High-quality art prints of various fish species on brushed aluminum, fine acrylic and artistic canvas. Set in scene by top photographers like Enrico Richter, Ingo Seidel and Andreas Tanke. The range extends from corys, over plecos, barbs, tetras, stingrays up to cichlids and livebearers.

ATS Druckshop

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Canadian Association of Aquarium Clubs (CAOAC): annual meeting from 17th to 19th of May

Lecture trip through Canada in may 2019 – in Toronto

In Toronto I arrived in Toronto around 10:00 p.m.. After some waiting time it turned out that my second bag did not land in Toronto and that although I had checked in more than 2.5 hours before departure in Edmonton. The bag was supposed to arrive the next evening. We...

Lecture trip through Canada in may 2019 – in Edmonton

In Edmonton - Monday, May 13, 2019 The flight to Edmonton went without a hitch and John Tummers welcomed me right there. We did some sightseeing in Edmonton before we went home to John. After I had settled down there we went to a Diner for lunch where we met Paul,...

Lecture trip through Canada in may 2019 – from Hanover to Winnipeg

Hannover to Winnipeg My lecture trip through Canada began with the flight from Hanover to Winnipeg. And here I almost got the first problems. We landed in Toronto on time, but then we had to wait more than 30 minutes on the taxiway until our plane got a place at a...
Skyline of Edmonton by Image by skeeze on Pixabay

Speaker tour Canada: Edmonton May 14, 2019

On my lecture trip in Canada I will stop at my friends Paul Belanger and Birger Kamprath from Aquarium Club of Edmonton (ACE) on May 14th in Edmonton to give the lectures "Woodeater" and "Caring and breeding installations all over the world". As an encore on Wednesday...
Canadian Association of Aquarium Clubs (CAOAC): annual meeting from 17th to 19th of May

Speaker tour Canada: Burlington May 17-19, 2019

After having seen and experienced a lot on my lecture trip in Canada, I now go to the main destination of this trip to Burlington near Toronto, where I am invited by the Canadian Association of Aquarium Clubs (CAOAC) to their annual general meeting from May 17th to...
Andreas Tanke on Panaqolus tankei

Speaker tour Canada: Winnipeg May 11, 2019

On my lecture trip in Canada on May 11th I will stop in Winnipeg at my friends Chris Biggs and Spencer Jack and give the lectures "Wooeaters" and "The North of Brazil - source of ornamental fish". Winnipeg is also known as the geographical centre of North America and...
Poster: Brazils most beautiful plecos

1. AquaTag Wernigerode

On March 31st I will be at the 1st AquaTag Wernigerode! The day will start with the lecture "Plecos of Amazonia". There I present an overview about the Amazonian plecos and especially the L-Numbers. I will introduce numerous biotopes and the species living there, but...

A new Pseudolithoxus from northern brazil

A few days ago a Pseudolithoxus were described that has been known to us for a long time in aquaristic studies. For the first time a single specimen was imported in 2003 by Jens Gottwald (Aquatarium / Panta Rhei) from the Rio Trombetas at Cachoeira...

My first blog post

In this blog I will report about the experiences that I've made in the aquaristics. That can be breeding successes, expeditions, trips to conventions or meetings, new fish in my stock, but also scientific or general news. In the nearest future I will extend this...