In Edmonton – Monday, May 13, 2019

The flight to Edmonton went without a hitch and John Tummers welcomed me right there. We did some sightseeing in Edmonton before we went home to John. After I had settled down there we went to a Diner for lunch where we met Paul, Michael and Bill. Afterwards we drove to Paul’s home and could visit his fish room. He has a really interesting selection of fish there, the highlight was probably the Corydoras sp. “Ancestor” (CW004). Beyond that I could discover there also once again a new tip for the BSSW-Report.

The time passed much too fast and so we had to start again after a few hours, because we wanted to meet Michael, Kenneth, Eugene and John in a Thai restaurant for dinner.

Tuesday, 14 May, 2019

On Tuesday we had breakfast with Michael at John’s in the morning. John served some scrambled eggs and bacon before we made a trip to Roman. Roman is a Canadian of German descent who keeps and breeds numerous cichlids in addition to some interesting livebearers. Later Michael picked me up and we looked at his fish room. In the evening we went to dinner first in a bar, but we couldn’t stay there, because Michael’s son (8 years) wasn’t allowed to stay there. So we spontaneously changed the location and found a nice diner where we could eat well.

Afterwards we went to school where I was supposed to give my first lecture in Edmonton. We had a high-tech classroom available for the meetings. After some small alterations we could start. On the first evening the topic was wood eaters, so that I could introduce all my favourite fish. Also here I was able to present my art prints and the Aquarium Club of Edmonton will also place a collective order.

Wednesday, 15 May, 2019

On Wednesday morning I went with Michael to a diner for having breakfast. There I chose a really good burger. Afterwards Paul picked me up and we drove to the West Edmonton Mall. This is really an impressive building with a roller coaster, a huge aquapark, a restaurant mile, an aquarium, a big ice skating rink and of course endless shops. Now I understand why the kids in so many TV-series wanna go to a Mall….
In the evening we met with some club members in the KEG (Steakhouse) before I held my second lecture “Caring and breeding installations all over the world“. Afterwards we went with some guys into a bar for some socialising, but we stopped really early, so I was then still before 1 a.m. in the bed…

Thursday, 16 May, 2019

On Thursday I used the time to have a closer look at John’s fish room and took some photos of it. At noon I went to a diner with him and Michael and we had some really good hamburgers. Later Paul picked me up and took me to the airport from where I flew on to Toronto. We were even at the airport at 14 o’clock and I was able to check in my luggage, although my flight didn’t leave until 16.20 o’clock!