Corydoras in theory and practice


In this talk, I will introduce the popular armored catfish of the genus Corydoras. Starting with a general introduction to Corydorinae, followed by a little bit of theory about the lineages, C and CW numbers before going on to the presentation of different biotopes where I could already caught Corydoras.
Then I’ll give some information about keeping and breeding of these catfishes and also give an overview of different species that I could find in recent years in the trade.

Vortragsanfrage (EN)


Andreas Tanke

For more than 10 years I have been working as a specialist author and speaker in aquaristics. My main topic is the ichthyofauna of South America, especially the plecos and dwarf cichlids.

I hold my lectures at meetings or events of aquarium associations, specialized shops or at trade fairs at home and abroad.

Recently I was on a three-week lecture tour in the US, but I also like to come to your aquarium club, whether it's a small gathering or an event with several hundred participants.