Spawning of plecos – basics and examples


This talk is to explain the basics of breeding plecos. I‘ll start with their natural habitats. Afterwards I‘ll give information about their care and the most important requirements for spawning plecos. Also breeding and and overview of useful accessories for that will be shown. After that I‘ll present spawning logs of specific species as some examples. At the end you will see international keeping and breeding installations and I‘ll explain, based on my own installation, how you can keep, spawn and breed plecos in an efficient and energy saving way…

Vortragsanfrage (EN)


Andreas Tanke

For more than 10 years I have been working as a specialist author and speaker in aquaristics. My main topic is the ichthyofauna of South America, especially the plecos and dwarf cichlids.

I hold my lectures at meetings or events of aquarium associations, specialized shops or at trade fairs at home and abroad.

Recently I was on a three-week lecture tour in the US, but I also like to come to your aquarium club, whether it's a small gathering or an event with several hundred participants.